We start by preparing the concrete surface by grinding the floor with a DIAMOND TOOTH BLADE and by opening up any cracks. The grinding ensures the concrete is porous to ensure proper adhesion of the epoxy. We then completely clean and vacuum all concrete residue and dust.  It is essential that the floor is spotless.  This is the labour intensive part of the project.  It is not a DIY step.  We have special equipment for this stage.

Apply epoxy to the entire floor surface to fill the cracks in the concrete and use as the basecoat of polyaspartic. Then its time for the repairs!  We fill any and all cracks, pitting, etc. with crack filler - to ensure a flat surface over the entire floor.  Once dry, we grind down any imperfections - vacuum the residue and reapply where necessary.

Now it's time for the colour base coat.  We add our custom colour pods in either a beige or grey tone to match your choice of colour flakes.   Once applied and with the base coat still wet, we apply colour flakes onto the surface.  Wright Choice Epoxy does a full broadcast of flakes.  We spread the flakes generously to the entire surface until no more will stick to the basecoat.  We leave that to soak in and dry then the next day once it has cured, we use a scrapper to remove any flakes that did not stick.  We also use a blower and vacuum to gather all the excess colour flakes.

We use a Polyaspartic top over the entire surface in order to properly shield and seal the flakes between the layers. This Polyaspartic top coat 100% UV resistant and is scratch resistant. It holds up to our harsh weather from hot humid summers to cold damp winters.  Let it dry and your garage is now transformed!

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